Case Study: Rehabilitation – Looking forward to the Future

Mark’s Story

Mark C had struggled with years of drug use, however with the support and help of the Bevin Court team,  Sheffield, he was approaching five weeks clean  and starting to plan his future (July 22).

Mark had been along term drug user, and in his words it had “destroyed him” and led to a road of self destruction.  He was desperate to get his life back and to start to look to the future’. Mark, who was proud service veteran,  made the choice that his life had to change and through the support of St Anne’s and Hannah his Drug Support Worker he was well on the way to changing his life.

“I want to do well, and come away from a life that is not me” Mark said.

He continued, “My motivation has come from realising life is worth living, and the faith my girl-friend has shown in me. Only now I am clean, am I seeing what normal is, and normal life and the happiness from it is becoming my drug.  Everyone at St Anne’s has been hugely kind”.

Mark’s Support Worker, Hannah, had made a huge impact on Mark’s life, he said “The moral support Hannah and the whole team have given me has been fantastic, I really could not have done this without them.”

Looking forward to his future, Mark was preparing to move in with his girlfriend and start to grab life with fresh enthusiasm.


Our Bevin Court Service is proud to have supported both Mark. David Peers, Centre Manager said:

“We work with a very vulnerable group of clients who sometimes struggle to achieve targets in their lives. Stories like these not only motivate the team at Bevin Court to carry on doing the great work they do, but also clients who see these successes which can often make them think if they can do it, so can I”.

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