Case Study: Supported Living

Linda’s Story

We currently support Linda, who came to our Gateshead Supported Living Service as an emergency placement through Gateshead Council.

We were aware that there was concerns around Linda’s previous placement although we had no specific details.

Linda presented with what appeared to be dementia related symptoms, was unable to mobilise independently, unable to feed herself, was doubly incontinent, extremely lethargic, and with limited communication. Her quality of life was not great.

As part of our detailed assessment, which we completed with Linda and her circle of support, we became concerned about her presentation and identified there was a need to ask for a complete medical assessment and a review of her medications from her GP.

Following consultation, the GP reduced Linda’s medication. Linda’s symptoms were compounded by having more medication than was therapeutically necessary.

We supported Linda through a reduction plan of her medication, assessing her presentation as her medication changed to ensure she was prescribed the medication she needed without any further sedative effect.

Linda is now much more independent, can eat herself, can mobilise with support and has excellent communication skills. Her family and circle of support are delighted with her transition. Linda now enjoys a richer life and is able to enjoy each day more.


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