Changing the way we support our clients – Nourish

We are very proud to announce St Anne’s has started a new partnership with digital social care software company Nourish, which will be providing us with a new client system.

As part of our strategic plan, one of the core pillars was to digitally transform St Anne’s to both support our clients, to live our vision of “a life without limits”, and to support our colleagues to ensure the systems we use enable them to work in easier and smarter ways.

Nourish is a leading provider of care management systems, and the system they offer will transform not only the support we provide but also how we provide it.

Some of the benefits of using the package include:

  • Managers have more oversight of each client’s care.
  • It is quicker and easier to add content to the system and see how all elements of client care work together.
  • Best of all, the system provides more time for each support worker to spend time with the client.

A project group, led by Head of Quality Lyndsay Atkinson-Swales, is in the process of delivering the planning for the rollout of Nourish across St Anne’s. This will be undertaken in stages.

 Lyndsay said:

“The partnership with Nourish is hugely exciting, and it will truly empower all our teams to provide more joined-up care. Nourish goes beyond being a platform for just planning care and recording notes; it’s designed to support us in making a meaningful difference to the lives of our clients.

“The Nourish platform is designed with support workers in mind and is simple, clear, and easy to navigate. Features that will help us include, speech-to-text, photo uploads drop-downs and checkboxes, quick close tags, consent signatures, and pre-filled-in text. But the system is not just for front-line care. We can also add in cleaning schedules, activity participation, and maintenance requests, and this will really help in keeping all members of each team in the loop”.

There is a lot of preparation required in the roll-out of what is a major system change for St Anne’s. The project group is currently working with Area Managers who are piloting Nourish in specific areas during May, with the full roll-out of Nourish being planned for July.

More updates on the progress of the pilot will be shared in the coming weeks

Below is an infographic sharing some of the key benefits of Nourish.  To learn more about Nourish please see this video: Nourish | An Introduction to Nourish (

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