International Nurses Day 2022- 12th May

Alcohol Services and International Nurses’ Day.

At St Anne’s Alcohol Services we are celebrating International Nurses’ Day by thanking our Nurses for their work. Nurses play an integral role in the success of our residential alcohol treatment services.

In 2021-2022, our Nurses admitted nearly 200 clients for an alcohol detoxification programme, and despite all the challenges that managing Covid-19 has meant, 93% of the clients went on to complete their programmes.


As well being responsible for the safe admission of clients to the programme, Nurses monitor and manage the withdrawal symptoms of clients, administer a range of medications, provide emotional support, complete support plans and risk assessments, facilitate group sessions…

Covid-19 has meant additional responsibilities, with testing to be done and supporting new clients during periods of self-isolation.

Being a Nurse at Alcohol Services means being able to respond to quickly changing circumstances, with the challenge of being able to identify and deal with the rapidly deteriorating client, being balanced with the pleasure in observing clients make great progress in the days and weeks that they are with us. Nurses lead our shifts, and our ably helped by our team of Alcohol Support Workers.

So, this International Nurses’ Day, we thank Juliet, Laura, Helen, Maria, Farah, Mary & Christina for your hard work, your dedication, your willingness to rise to the challenges that you are faced with, and the positive outcomes that you enable clients to reach.

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