Launching our fresh approach to Client Engagement

Over the last few months we have been rolling out our fresh and innovative approach to client engagement and co-production.

As a social care charity, we understand the commitment and links needed between the voice of our clients, the people who use our services, and our board of Trustee, as such we are introducing a dynamic process that will enhance communication and collaboration across St Anne’s, and support clients with greater and consistent co-production.

Utilising some of our existing best practices in our services, our new approach establishes a flow of information from the board to service-level client and house groups. Each month, our Client Engagement and Social Impact Officer will distribute content, including agendas and resources, providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and feedback in services. These meetings will serve as the heartbeat of our new St. Anne’s community voice.

To amplify engagement, quarterly meetings of our SEVEN client group will be hosted at our head office in Morley, Leeds to review key feedback from services. These meetings will enable an invaluable opportunity for deeper connections between our Trustees and clients, fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment within St Anne’s.

Supporting our fresh approach, we are also introducing our annual PROUD Programme to celebrate and recognise national, cultural, environmental, diversity, and inclusion days. This comprehensive program will provide resources, links, and suggestions to engage both clients and services in these important events.

The PROUD Programme aims to infuse enthusiasm into regular celebrations, offering a month-by-month content plan for each service. Our client services will have the opportunity to share their success stories across the organisation and receive well-deserved recognition. Emphasizing standardisation and consistency, the PROUD Programme allows each service and Support Worker to tailor the content to be person-centred based on common themes.

Our new approach will not only enhance client engagement at St Anne’s but also create a vibrant community that celebrates inclusion and involvement. We look forward to the positive impact these changes will bring to St Anne’s, creating an environment where every voice is heard and valued, and we will be proud to share out client outcomes with you.



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