Memorial Orchard to Bloom at Bevin Court

A Memorial Orchard, a symbol of hope and remembrance, has been planted at a specialist resettlement hostel in Sheffield in collaboration with St Anne’s Community Services (St Anne’s), The Hepatitis C Trust, and Sheffield City Council.

The team at Bevin Court, run by St Anne’s, was inspired by previous tree plantings carried out by The Hepatitis C Trust on World Hepatitis Day, (July 28th), as a poignant tribute to those who lost their lives to Hepatitis C and a celebration of the tens of thousands who have triumphantly cleared the virus. The project was initiated to plant trees at Bevin Court with a vision to create a lasting memorial, to encourage gardening to promote physical activity among the residents, and finally to create a focal point in which residents can relax as they progress through their rehab.

Sheffield City Council and The Hep C Trust embraced the idea, and after a site visit was conducted to identify the perfect location for planting, five fruit trees, and a magnolia were planted on the 8th January with two council members, representatives from The Hep C Trust, and five residents from Bevin Court.

David Peers, Bevin Court Manager said:

“The Memorial Orchard at Bevin Court stands not only as a testament to lives lost but also as a symbol of hope, resilience, and community spirit. The initiative highlights the power of collaboration in creating positive change and promoting a more connected community. Our residents loved being involved and we look forward to other collaborations”.

Councillor Richard Williams, Chair of the Communities, Parks and Leisure Committee at Sheffield City Council, said:

“Our Community Forestry Team have been planting trees with local people for over 20 years. They know first-hand how working with trees can help people feel better about themselves and the places they live.

“When the Council were approached by the Hepatitis C Trust and St Anne’s Bevin Court to see if we could help them plant a new memorial orchard, we were delighted to have the opportunity to work together.”

Stephen Jefferson, Peer Support Lead, South Yorkshire for The Hep C Trust said:

“Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus that can lead to liver damage and cancer if left untreated. In recent years, a new form of tablet treatment has meant that the virus is now easily cured and could soon be eliminated in this country. This Memorial Orchard is a way for us to celebrate the lives that have been saved while we commemorate those we have sadly lost along the way. We were delighted to work alongside Bevin Court and Sheffield Council on this incredible project.”

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