Whistleblowing Policy

St Anne’s is committed to ensuring an open culture, where people feel comfortable and safe in raising concerns related to the concerning conduct, behaviour and practices of others. We are committed to continuous improvement within our services. The quality of care and support we provide our clients and the welfare of our staff are both considered to be a priority.

Staff members are in a key position to ensure the safety and welfare of both the people we support and our colleagues. They are also in one of the best positions to notice serious issues within St Anne’s. As an organisation we recognise this is the case, but we also know that it can be difficult to raise concerns regarding the actions of those around you. Staff must feel safe in raising concerns and believe that the organisation will act on information it receives.

St Anne’s Whistleblowing Policy exists to protect whistleblowers and to make clear the steps that you should follow if you witness or suspect malpractice, misconduct or abuse

You can access the policy here: 1.28 Whistleblowing Policy

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