Celebrating Present Day – In Style

On the 13th January 2023 our Creykes Lodge Service celebrated a client’s ‘Present Day” in style.

Present Day is celebrated instead of birthdays in accordance with the clients Jehovah’s Witness faith. During the day the clients’ parents came to visit and were overwhelmed with how staff had gone above and beyond to make it such a special day, with all the decorations – which were personalised and decorated by staff, food and drinks, presents and a wonderful atmosphere.

All the food and drink had a high tea theme, with a pot of tea and a variety of teas from the local tearoom – The Green Room in Rawcliffe – scones with cream, jam and strawberries, and a platter of fruit – peaches, plums, strawberries, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, and melon. There was also a chocolate cake with the singer Adele on the top – this is one of the client’s absolute favourite singers and loves to play her music.

For Present Day, the client got a new tablet for activities, games, to take pictures of outings and pictures of their family. They also got an Alexa as they love to play music when doing activities in the home, so a staff member developed some “flashcards” of what to say and what it should play, for example, “Alexa play Adele” and it will play Adele songs.

In the evening, all clients at Creykes Lodge and staff, some of whom came to support in their own time went out for an evening meal at Hungry Horse in Goole. Due to the complexity of our clients and their needs, Hungry Horse made the functional room available to use for the meal, staff went early and decorated the room with balloons and banners, meals, including a Tikka Stack, Quadzilla burger, curry and lasagne.

The evening was enjoyed by all client’s and staff and rounded off a perfect day.



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