Sarah’s Journey of Empowerment

Sarah, a tenant of St Anne’s has been on an amazing personal journey of empowerment and wellbeing, this is her story.

“Heather and the team empowered me along the way and celebrated my differences which led me to be invited to a conference in London where I was able to sit under some amazing speakers who advocated a culture of care. This encouraged me to be more involved at St Annes by being on the tenant interviewing panel and helped me to adapt the same attitude of value into my everyday life. This is because I felt confident again as it enhanced my self-esteem, I finally felt seen and heard after many years of being silenced. I felt that Heather and the team understood who I was and believed in me and this caused me to believe in myself!

“My journey with my mental health and physical health is continuing but being supported by St Anne’s has helped and empowered me to make changes within my lifestyle and because of this I am now 15stone down, yes you read that right. Eating healthier, renewing my mind, journaling, and finding therapy in walking with my headphones on has helped me and invigorated me to think that I can overcome anything, it just takes time.

“Restoration takes time. Healing takes time.

“It’s okay to take time to rebuild your life and to also take care of yourself because you are worthy.

“Where there is no struggle there is no strength.

“Heather and the team have impacted my life so much, I am so grateful and thankful for their dedication and determination to see client engagement and inclusion. Because of this, now I can pass the same batten onto others coming into the service by making a way for all to be seen, heard, and understood.”

We are so happy for Sarah.

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