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Our respite and nursing respite care services to provide support to families and carers enabling the opportunity for them to ‘take a break’ from the responsibility of caring for somebody else with nursing needs.

The respite periods are of a limited duration for the benefit of the carer and the dependent person. The distinctive feature of our respite care is that the break is designed to be a positive experience for the cared-for person and the carer, in order to enhance the quality of their lives and their relationship.  A downloadable PDF about the service is available here


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    Respite/ Nursing Respite Care

    We are proud to deliver both respite and nursing respite services which are dedicated to providing outstanding care to families requiring respite/emergency accommodation for a member of their family.

    Through our experience we have developed a deep understanding of the needs of families and the people we support, and we have a strong knowledge of evidence based informed best practice.

    Supporting the delivery of the best support, our services:

    • Take a multi-agency approach, liaising with the relevant professionals and agencies on e.g:
      • Safeguarding Adult planning meetings
      • Case conferences
    • Facilitate sharing of information between agencies in accordance with information sharing policies/ protocols
    • Have BILD-certified inhouse Positive Behaviour Support teams to provide bespoke training to staff and individualised plans to the people we support.
    • Provide professional engagement including:
      • psychologists/psychiatrists to provide specialist support/input and lead safeguarding partnership approaches.
    • Have rigorous safeguarding awareness underpinned by our comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures, and professional partnerships
    • Ensure the people we support, families, carers, and other key stakeholders, have a strong voice in the support that is delivered, constantly capturing what works and implementing continuous improvement based on direct feedback and preferences.

    Our aim is to ensure everyone who comes to St Anne’s for a respite stay, has a positive experience both for themselves and for their family.

    Our service

    Client outcomes

    St Anne’s respite – nursing care services are available to provide families and carers the opportunity to take a break from the responsibility of caring for somebody else. The respite periods are of a limited duration for the benefit of the carer and the dependent person. The distinctive feature of respite care is that the break should be a positive experience for the cared-for person and the carer in order to enhance the quality of their lives and their relationship.

    Our person centred care is at the forefront of what we strive to achieve, we believe that each and every person should be treated as an individual and their care should reflect this. We have close relationships with families which enables us to achieve the best possible outcome and lives for our guests. We have regular reviews which enable us to establish future needs and what we are working towards and how we can effectively achieve these.

    Our services offer a wide range of activities including cooking, arts and crafts, sensory sessions, themed events to name but a few, each in a relaxing and comfortable environment.  Our teams also support individuals to enjoy social activities out in the community.

    Client Outcomes

    Care the St Anne’s Way


    Our Aachen Brook Service, in Calderdale, is a nursing and respite service which provides care for people with learning disabilities who have physical complex health and behavioural needs.

    The service provides valuable respite to families and carers who live in the community, this is organised through an annual allocation rota which is flexible to accommodate family’s lifestyles. The service has frequently taken emergency respite care which has helped with crisis situations.

    The positives of our respite services are that we can work closely with external agencies, local authority, and multi- disciplinary teams to advice and work with families to educate and help improve the quality of lives for the people who use the service, an example of this:

    A client who accessed our service was experiencing extreme difficulties at home which compromised the client’s physical health and wellbeing. The client was issued a long -stay allocation at our Aachen Brook service, during this time the staff team worked consistently to incorporate techniques to improve the client’s self-worth, confidence, engage with leisure and sensory activities and offer new life opportunities that the client had not experienced before.

    The nurses registered the client to the local general practitioner, dentist, and occupational therapist, which significantly improved the client’s holistic health.  The manager worked with social workers and commissioners to find a property in supported living accommodation so that the client could live independently with freedom to make their own choices and decisions.

    Aachen Brook’s staff team provided a transition period for the client and took him on visits to various properties, prior to the clients moving out date. The dedication and diversity of the staff team enabled the client to succeed, which generated immense pride and happiness which transformed the client’s life.

    Case studies

    Our Quality

    We are proud to deliver quality care. Our CQC ratings for our services are below.

    Our Quality (CQC Ratings)
Our care in action

Our care in action

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