St Annes’ Training: Supporting Social, Behaviour, and Network Therapy

At St Anne’s Training Academy, staff from Forward Leeds were trained in Social, Behaviour, and Network Therapy (SBNT).

Delivered by Sally Neal from Addictions Therapy UK, “This course develops an approach that captures the importance of social support in the recovery of addiction problems. Through a series of sessions, it is designed to acknowledge and improve communication and coping for all those involved with a view to preventing relapse.

Through experiential, seminar, and workshop-style learning, the practitioners will be able to identify and mobilise a network of supportive positive change for Service users. They will know and understand the rationale for both core and elective sessions within the framework of SBNT as well as begin to use their existing knowledge and skills in the context of being an SBNT therapist. There is a mixture of theory and practice within the teaching, with an emphasis on completing the course with enhanced skills to “Think Network with both new and existing interventions.”

This training is designed to enhance the support that Forward Leeds staff can provide, helping them interact with clients on a deeper level, and also with those that are in their own networks. The use of the training rooms at Fountain Court enables open-space discussion and also provides breakout rooms with full technical support, a moving and assisting “bedroom”, a kitchen, and an excellent learning environment that can be tailored to the needs of those attending.

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