Supporting Independent Lives in Leeds

We are proud to have over 30 years of expertise in delivering community-based Outreach services, and the work our teams undertake in local communities is truly life-changing.

Our professional, experienced, and caring staff work collaboratively with the people they support to enable those with severe and complex health needs to define, build and live a meaningful, independent, and satisfying life… it really is individualised wrap-around care.

Our Floating Outreach South shared the story of DC.

DC shared with the manager of the service how the support that her and her husband SC receive from the Outreach service is very important to them and they would not be where they are today without them.

DC said their support from St Anne’s over the years has helped them with their confidence and to learn new skills. DC shared how they recently went on holiday abroad as a couple for the first time without support and this was an incredible achievement for them. Support workers Karen Lancaster and Sean Riley helped them to plan and prepare every detail so that they would be safe and enjoy their holiday.

DC shared that without the support they received they would never have gone on abroad independently and that they had the most perfect time away from start to finish.

DC and SC are very proud of this achievement and are grateful that their support workers encouraged them and supported them to do it independently.

Enabling people to live their best life is exactly what St Anne’s is about.

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