Our Social Impact

Creating social value, supporting communities, empowering people

We are dedicated to supporting great life outcomes for the people we support, the achievement of our staff and partners and the success of our communities.

We are committed to developing meaningful social value, that will grow based upon the following principles:

  • Enable
  • Empower
  • Deliver
  • Quality
  • Innovate
  • Transform
  • Sustainability

    Enabling lives

    The people we support are at the centre of everything we do. We support clients with diverse needs, such as the impact of poor mental health, homelessness and addiction, or a learning disability (including some with profound and multiple challenges).

    To ensure each individual client is fully involved and engaged in their own lives and that they are able to influence the organisation that supports them and take advantage of all the available opportunities for a rich and fulfilling life, we are committed to:

    • Strengthening communications with the people we support
    • Promoting two way consultation and feedback about our organisation and services
    • Enabling our client to live their best life
    • Maximising the opportunities of the people we support to enable them to live fulfilled lives.


    We are proud of our workforce. Every day our staff demonstrate their drive and desire to make a difference to vulnerable people. Their care and support is truly inspiring. To support our staff in return, our People Strategy sets out our commitment to our workforce. It reflects the challenges of operating in a highly regulated and financially challenged sector. We aspire to make St Anne’s an employer of choice, to promote care as a long-term career with opportunities for all and support our staff to live out the St Anne’s values and continually improve quality.

    We will deliver our People Strategy to support our staff and in-turn support communities by:

    • Supporting our people to develop and grow, and improve our service quality through a supportive learning culture.
    • Valuing and rewarding our people appropriately
    • Protecting the rights, wellbeing, and safety of our people
    • Sustaining our people and our organisation through a proactive approach which supports career and skills development, smarter ways of working and our environment.


    Our core activities, the provision of care and support services to some of the most vulnerable people, creates enormous social value. However, we believe we can create more.

    Over the coming years we will maximise our contribution in this area, establishing St Anne’s as a Social Value best practice provider, that increasingly puts adding social value at the heart of the organisation. We will generate greater social, economic and environmental value for the people we support, our employees and the local communities in which we work through.

    We will:

    • Conduct our business in a responsible and ethical manner
    • Deliver social value in our workplace, including increasing living standards by maintaining the real living wage, improving employee health and
    • Encouraging active citizenship, building capacity, mental wellbeing and economic sustainability among our staff and our local communities by promoting
      volunteering and community initiatives, providing local jobs and tackling unemployment through apprenticeships, training and development of skills
    • We will work in collaboration with local voluntary organisations and community groups and focus on those in greatest need or facing the greatest disadvantage
    • Increase social value through strategic partnerships and procurement of goods and services, by implementing a revised Responsible Procurement Strategy
    • Interweave environmental measures within our DNA including promoting environmental sustainability through best practice approaches to our facilities and operations, increasing awareness and promoting green initiatives throughout the organisation

    We are Proud of our Quality

    We are proud of our focus on quality. Our quality standards are at the core of what we do and we will continue to strengthen this.

    Staff work hard to reach and maintain quality standards in a complex sector where expectations and levels of scrutiny are high. We are particularly proud of the number of compliments and high ratings our staff receive from clients, carers and professionals, particularly for their caring attitude.

    To support our quality we are committed to delivering a quality strategy:

    • Based on a comprehensive review of our quality audit process, a more focused and streamlined tool and enabling staff and managers to more readily contribute to monitoring and improving quality standards
    • Promote openness and learning, using information gathered through regular monitoring and feedback from clients and staff to understand how we can improve our services and the individual outcomes that are most important to our clients and stakeholders.
    • Embed a culture of continuous improvement across the organisation through on-going monitoring of performance at every level, including clear accountabilities, reporting lines and oversight.
    • Ensure we generate meaningful information and reports for our Board, regulators and other stakeholders.
    • Make best use of manager level audits, Quality and Safety audits, Datix returns, and formal and informal feedback from local managers and clients.


    We are committed to regularly reviewing our models to ensure they remain relevant and innovative, represent value for money and can support the increasingly specialist nature of individuals with very complex needs.

    We recognise the opportunities to adapt our models and add new approaches, to respond to the needs of specific communities and specific client groups, and are therefore developing our role in providing advice and guidance, promoting physical activity, social prescribing, reablement and asset-based approaches. These developments will better enable us to support individuals in maintaining or increasing their independence, better navigating local services, promoting self-care, improving wellbeing and quality of life, reducing isolation and loneliness, and reducing and delaying the need for greater levels of long-term care and support.



    We wish St Anne’s to maximise digital technology for our clients, staff and communities and promote innovation.

    We are committed to:

    • Improving quality including reflecting the national GIRFT (Getting It Right First Time) programme, which is designed to improve the quality of care
    • Increasing our productivity by eliminating unnecessary procedures, streamlining and
      simplifying processes.
    • Leading-edge innovation by securing expert advice, identifying resources and building strategic partnerships with digital organisations, universities, health and social care partners, and creating new support networks.
    • Generating business intelligence: we will develop interoperable systems that interact with each other and translate data and other information into user-friendly intelligence that empowers managers to manage their services better.
    • Digitally Enabled Workforce: making technology work for staff by speeding up processes and giving them real time accurate data to inform decision-making and manage risk, enabling remote and agile working, and providing staff with clear training and support.
    • Digitally Connected Clients: encouraging clients to take a more active part in their care including promoting self care, providing regular feedback and access to their records (where applicable), and linking our teams with NHS data to improve clients’ health outcomes.
    • Ensuring all regulatory and legal compliance for CQC and data protection, and improving our corporate reporting framework by implementing automated systems that make data entry easier, reducing errors and delays.


    St Anne’s will ensure that it continues to be able to achieve its charitable purpose. We will therefore also ensure it is delivering excellent, value for money care for vulnerable people while at the same time provide a supportive working environment for our staff. So that we can do this long into the future, we need to ensure that the organisation remains viable, by making the most of its assets and resources, adapting our ways of working and seeking new opportunities for improvement and growth.

    We will deliver:

    • Value for money: ensuring everything St Anne’s does represents value for money: the best possible price for the right quality. Our procurement policies will also take account of ethical and environmental considerations, in line with our values
    • Efficient systems: including investing in new approaches if these can benefit clients, support staff better and help the organisation run more smoothly

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