Azra Kirkby

Azra joined St Anne’s in 2019 and has been in the charitable social care sector for over 18 years in leadership roles as Chief Executive and Finance Officers. Prior to this, Azra began her career at Price Waterhouse as a Chartered Accountant before gaining a breadth of experience in commercial housing. Azra has a strong commercial background and a wealth of social and home care experience.

Azra is passionate about ensuring St Anne’s delivers the highest quality care, support, and housing for clients and tenants, whilst enabling them to have independence and choice.

Azra is a strong advocate for St Anne’s and the social care sector and hopes that alongside partner organisations we can provide a greater choice for all clients. Working to create more awareness of the sector challenges, Azra is a trustee of the Voluntary Organisation of Disability Groups (VODG) which supports sector-specific members.

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