IT Team

“Hi, I’m Leon. I have been the IT Service Desk Team Leader at St Anne’s Community Services for the last 3 years and I have been involved in various projects focusing on improving technology at Central Services and within Operations. I originally came from Leeds City College where I worked for 9 years as an IT engineer and played an integral role in assisting and implementing assistive technology to help students with learning difficulties and disabilities.

When starting with St Anne’s, my first role was as a Support Worker in Alcohol Services which helped tremendously with my confidence and gave me an insight into the day-to-day running of a service that helps clients to realise their full potential and support them in becoming more independent.

I enjoy working at St Anne’s Community Services as I feel rewarded knowing that I am helping staff members to simplify their workload, resulting in them having more time to engage with clients.”

We have a dedicated IT team, consisting of 7 members, that support the delivery of services across all our sites as well as maintaining systems and security. Our IT Team won Central Services Team of the year in 2021.



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