Shaun Finegan

Shaun Finegan joined  St Anne’s  as Director of Housing and Estates at the end of November 23.

Shaun boasts an impressive 27-year-long career in social housing. Over the past 23 years he has been a valuable leader within a national housing association.  He has developed a diverse skill set, ranging from housing related governance and strategic expertise to holding pivotal non-executive roles within the housing sector.

However, it is Shaun’s passion for delivering fantastic housing services that truly defines him.  He is an ardent advocate for tenants and firmly believes in harnessing their input in the development and delivery of excellent services.  He sees housing as a cornerstone, crucial to providing individuals  with  a strong foundation, allowing them to lead fulfilling lives.

Beyond work Shaun loves outdoor pursuits, particularly through camping, cycling, and the thrill of conquering mountains. Equally important is the time he spends creating memories with his family

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