Domiciliary Care

Supporting people at home in their communities

Our Domiciliary Care provides additional support to people with household tasks, and maintaining independence whilst they live at home. Our person centred care works hand in hand with each person, creating a support plan based on their needs.

Our teams who deliver support are highly trained, and support each person we care for to be empowered and make their own choices.


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    Supporting people in their homes

    Our person-centred team support a range of people in their own homes. Support visits can vary in frequency with tasks included, but not limited to;

    • Household tasks such as cleaning, laundry and cooking
    • Assisting with accessing the local community, taking them to the shops, or to attend appointments
    • Personal medical support, this can include anything from applying dressings to supporting the health and wellbeing of a person with disabilities

    Our domiciliary care can be as frequent as required, including overnight or 24-hour care (for some services).

    The service is for anyone who wishes to remain at home but requires additional support or care needs in order to live an independent, healthy and fulfilling life.

    It’s often a preferred option for elderly people who don’t wish to be in a care home but need additional, regular support.



    Our Service

    Supporting people in their homes

    Our service supports many outcomes

    • Daily or weekly support – We providing support packages of various sizes depending on assessed need
    • Personal dignity and self-esteem – Our support helps with all aspects of personal care
    • Independence and self-care by co-producing an individualised support plan
    • Medication support – We support administering and supporting to self-administer medication
    • We support  complex healthcare tasks including PEG care and feeding, stoma care, convene care, postural care and movement, abdominal massage, physiotherapy programmes, oxygen therapy and nebulised medication, both at home and out in the community
    • Referrals and signposting to specialist health and wellbeing services
    • Monitoring health conditions and general health, and proactively referring to GP or other health professionals when there are changes
    • A better standard of life – we help with household tasks including cleaning, laundry and food preparation


    Client Outcomes

    Case study

    Client A:

    Client A required oxygen therapy at all times and nebulised medication daily. She attended a day centre which had nurses on site to support her with her healthcare needs, but the nursing positions were removed from the day centre. This meant that A couldn’t attend the day service for the full day anymore as she would have to return home early to have her medication administered by her family. She missed out on activities and socialising which she enjoyed and benefited from.

    The staff in our service were trained up to be able to support Client A with her oxygen therapy and to administer medication via a nebuliser. This allowed A to resume her usual activities and attend the day centre as she wanted to, whilst giving her family peace of mind that she was receiving appropriate care to meet her needs when she was out in the community.




    Case study

    Client B

    Client B started having daily support at home to enable her to have a shower and to keep up with household tasks. Client B had been self-neglecting and her personal hygiene was suffering, as was the hygiene levels in her home. As a result of this her self-esteem and confidence were very low, she was too embarrassed to go to the hairdresser or to go out into the community.

    With daily support and encouragement in a way which protected her dignity, B’s personal hygiene began to improve. In turn this boosted her self-esteem and she felt empowered to go to the hairdresser for the first time in many years, and to buy some new clothes. She felt she was “worth” looking after herself, which she hadn’t before. This had a knock on effect on the level of cleanliness she maintained in her home, with support from her support workers, and her living conditions have improved as a result.

    Our Quality

    We are proud to deliver high quality services, below are our CQC ratings:

    Our Quality (CQC Ratings)
Our care in action

Our care in action

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