Supported Living

Supported Living

We offer a range of Supported Living Services across Yorkshire and the North of England. Our leading services provide continuous care and support aimed at assisting individuals to maintain and develop new skills, with the goal of promoting self -reliance and confidence, helping them realise our vision of “A life without limits, for the people we support”

Each service provides dedicated person-centred care which promotes the ethos of community living and interaction provides a safe living environment working in co-operation with wider care agencies and families. A downloadable PDF about our Supported Living services is available here

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    Supported Living Service

    We deliver a leading service built on the individual needs of each of our clients. Each person we support has a robust person-centred, flexible, and responsive support plan, (which is reviewed on an ongoing basis), which enables them achieve their outcomes based on their ongoing wants, needs and aspirations.

    Our supported living offering delivers an outstanding provision of innovative services, including:

    • Assistive Technology (AT) – We use Assistive Technologies, to maximise independence. An example is the Brain in Hand System, which has been successful in our existing services. This  digital self-management support system is useful for people who need a little help remembering things, making decisions, planning, or managing anxiety.
    • STARRS (St Anne’s Real Time Recording System) – we utilise this system to allow clients to contribute to their accessible and tailored ‘My Plan’ formats (e.g. pictorial representations of needs, goals, activities/progression journeys and outcomes), this supports the clients we care for to both understand and develop their care needs.
    • Pathways to Employment – We utilise this o provide clients with 1:1 careers information/interview guidance and engage with relevant local education professionals to provide a comprehensive careers support pathway. This support people in to employment.
    • Trauma-Informed Support – Our team are trained to understand how previous trauma may have impacted client’s mental and physical health and will work with clients to ensure they received targeted/specialist support
    • Themed Support – We encourage clients to take the lead with support from staff to develop their life skills, this can include things like cooking, supporting them to enjoy cultural food linked to their personal preferences.
    • Award Winning PBS Support – Our team provide bespoke training specific to people  and is inclusive of all the stakeholders who support them and their circles of support.
    • Supported Housing Move-on – We have many Supported Housing Services in the Leeds and Kirklees area, and offer move-on support for clients who have gained the required level of independence
    • Specialist Leads – We utilise specialist leads who are trained and skilled in a specific areas as part of the core staff team e.g. Mental Health lead, trauma-informed lead, both to support staff and our clients
    • Access to local Community Groups/ Classes – We believe the people we support should lead fulfilled lives. To support this we ensure our clients have access to the groups/classes that will benefit their skills development and personal growth.

    We support:

    Adults with learning disabilities, individuals who require 24-hour support, individuals looking to maintain/enhance their independence skills, individuals with low level challenging behaviour.

    Our Service

    Our Client Outcomes

    We believe our support should help people to live fulfilled lives, here are some of the many outcomes the people we support undertake in our Supported Living Service.

    • Our clients are supported to undertake activities which match their interests, this helps develop social skills and confidence, and supports increased health and wellbeing
    • We support our clients medical needs – with the aim of working with partner agencies (such as GP’s, hospital specialists), to ensure greater health and wellbeing so people can have more independent lives, and have greater control over long term conditions
    • We support people with physical disabilities which may involve speech impairment – to have access to technology like Bliss Boards – to support them to communicate more independently, this creates better life outcomes and opportunities
    • We support our clients to have access to benefits advice, and support them in ensuring they get access to benefits to meet their needs. This supports greater future opportunities.
    • We support our clients with technology to support communication with friends and family. We believe it is important that each of the people we support has access to their network of friends and family – as they are an important source of support, care and encouragement.
    • We support our clients with community support networks, helping them to develop skills and grow in confidence, this helps them to develop new social circles and create opportunities
    • We support people with verbal and physical aggression – through access to professional and medical support
    • We aid our clients with access to further education to improve and enhance life outcomes.

    We are proud to be St Anne’s

    Client Outcomes

    Client Case Studies

    The following case study is a real example of our care:

    Fred’s Story

    Fred had a very poor experience of moving into the community which had led to him remaining in hospital ever since.

    Fred has very significant and profound autism and as part of our assessment process we established he had gained a reputation as a highly challenging and complex individual.

    We assessed Fred based on his presenting needs now and ascertained quickly that he could benefit from a bespoke PBS assessment and support plan. This plan would involve Fred and all those important in his life to determine how St Anne’s could support him to have a more positive and successful community-based life.

    Working together with the local Community Team for Learning Disabilities, the St Anne’s PBS team spent time to fully assess Fred in order to understand his needs, the triggers which had led to behaviours which challenged in the past and the specific de-escalation techniques which would be best help support Fred.


    The St Anne’s support team, St Anne’s PBS team and CTLD developed an individualised support plan together based on this full assessment. Training for the staff team, specifically tailored to Fred’s needs was identified and delivered by the PBS team and our in-house Learning and Development Department.

    Fred was enabled to learn to communicate his stress in new safer and more productive ways, thus providing a functionally equivalent alternative to the behaviours which had previously been seen as challenging.

    The team supported Fred by using low arousal techniques, displaying calmness, creating space, speaking slowly, gently and clearly with a lowered voice and a calm open posture and there has been no need for physical interventions.

    Fred’s support has reduced from 2:1 to 1:1 and he became far happier in his home environment and has been able to access a range of activities in the community in which he lives.

    This is one example of the skills and knowledge St Anne’s as an organisation has brought to one person which was life changing for him. Our PBS model of bespoke support is repeatable to future clients or those whose needs change enabling the people we support in all the areas we work to benefit from our well established and BILD accredited team.

    Because we have such varied experience and expertise across the various client groups we support in the North of England we are able to draw on an array of skills.



    Case Studies

    Our CQC Ratings

    We take pride in delivering quality services, please see below to see our CQC ratings.

    Our Quality (CQC Ratings)
Our care in action

Our care in action

We are proud to deliver, leading supported living services, this is Linda’s story.

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