Nursing Care

Supporting people with complex needs to have fulfilled lives

We have a number of leading services which deliver full time nursing care.

Our facilities provide everything available to ensure the people we support lead fulfilled lives, from additional medical support for those with higher needs to nursing equipment and meticulously developed environments to provide the very best support for each individual.


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    Nursing Care

    Our Nursing Care service is fully focussed around the individuals we care for, through our Person-centred planning approach

    Our approach:

    • Fully involves the client
    • Meets their needs, aspirations and preferences
    • Is outcome focussed with SMART goals, defined with the individual, aimed to develop independence, relationships, experiences, opportunities and skills.
    • Is fully interlinked with Positive Behaviour Support Plans and Risk Assessments where relevant
    • Has a multi-agency focus with clear agreements about how other relevant agencies are involved in the client’s support

    With every person we support we will ensure:

    Clients enjoy a good quality of life and are respected and treated with dignity

    • We build relationships with clients, their friends/families so that outcomes set are relevant based upon their own aspirations, goals and priorities
    • Outcomes are measurable and achievable, based on a full assessment of where the person is now and aimed at developing:
    • Increased independence
    • The development/redevelopment of networks

    Clients personal aspirations are met

    The client is involved in the identification and monitoring of their own outcomes where possible

    • Staff undertake ‘person-centred approaches’ training and receive regular supervision and coaching from more experienced members of the team

    Clients are safe and protected from harm

    • We assess on an ongoing basis, considering representations from family, whether a Mental Capacity Assessment is required
    • Staff are trained in Safeguarding and Data Protection legislation and apply this in support delivered
    • Clients and support networks are involved in the recruitment of their own staff
    • We use Positive Risk Assessments, taking a ‘Safety First’ approach which is informed by Mental Capacity Act 2005

    Clients recover from ill health/injury as quickly as reasonably possible

    • We provide reasonable assistance in helping clients to access and facilitate access to other services as required (e.g. GP appointments)
    • Increase care whilst they are ill or injured
    • Support plans are linked into other documentation e.g. Health Action Plans
    • Ensure that the nutritional needs and preferences of the clients are met in line with NICE guideline CG32 and the NICE Quality Standard QS 24

    Clients have/retain as much independence as possible for as long as possible

    • We develop clearly identified inter-agency working with relevant agencies such as commissioners and other organisations, sharing support and good practice to deliver positive outcomes
    • We undertake community mapping and work with local community groups/networks and providers to encourage clients to make a positive contribution to and maintain community links

    We also have a Nursing preceptorship programme in place, and we take student nurses in all our nursing services.

    Client Outcomes

    We believe in a life without limits, the following are some of the outcome we achieve

    Each of the people we support has an annual person centred plan review to ensure they are fully supported in all areas of their lives.

    All our homes strongly promote inclusion, and the people living there are consulted in decisions effecting them and their lives, regardless of their level of ability.

    The 24 hour nursing support available at our homes enables clients living within the services to have specialised treatment in a friendly and relaxed home environment. This extends to end of life and palliative care, but the emphasis is always on supporting people to live as active and fulfilling life as possible.

    Each person client is supported to pursue a range of leisure and social opportunities such as hydrotherapy, day trips, annual holidays, education and occupational activities.

    Case studies

    The following are cases studies about our Nursing Care.

    Case study: End of life care

    We take pride is supporting people and their families.

    In our Oxfield Nursing Service, we supported E.D, an individual with Down’s Syndrome and Dementia, which was affecting his independence and well-being. We worked collaboratively with E.D and his family in all decisions made, as E.D was assessed as not having capacity to understand what support he needed. We would talk about the changes we might witness and how we would support him in the way they wanted him to be cared for and completed his advance care plan.

    As E.Ds health deteriorated, we talked about the importance of putting a do not resuscitate schedule in place and the benefits of having anticipatory medication prescribed.

    ED started to struggle to take adequate amounts of nutrition, hydration and was losing weight. We approached the Admiral nurse at Kirkwood Hospice who came to support us and ensure we had the required care in place.

    An emotionally lead decision was made by his family supported by his care practitioners, to not have a PEG fitted and we reassured his family of how we would ensure their concerns would be addressed as he was experiencing end-stage dysphasia and dementia.

    E.D’s health deteriorated suddenly, but we had put everything in place ensure everything in our service ran smoothly and E.D and his family were supported. The Admiral nurse visited on a regular basis and gave the family a booklet explaining what to expect as ED entered the final stages of his life. His sisters spent the next week holding his hand, reminiscing over memories whilst supported by our staff. E.D died peacefully in the place of his choice, surrounded by his family and carers.


    Care Quality Commission Rating

    We take pride in our services, the following is the CQC ratings of our nursing services.


Our care in action

Discover more about our care in action, this is our “Unsafe swallow” project

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